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Visualizations from CS 395

Data visualization (CS 395) was offered by professor Charlie Curtsinger from the Department of Computer Science in Spring 2017. The followings are some interesting visualizations created by students from the class.

Fashion Trend — Use the interactive network to explore the fashion trend change from 2012 to 2016. This visualization is created by Trang Nguyen’17, Linh Pham’18 and JaeEun Oh’18. Please note this visualization is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox.

Word Usage — This visualization displays the relationship among multiple words via a network, like similarity score between any two words. It is created by An Hoang’18, Jinlin He’18, Jun Taek Lee’18 and Minh N Tran’19.

The Prevalence of Disease — Users can see the prevalence of various diseases in all the states of the US over time in this visualization. It is created by Kevin Lee’17, Ritika Agarwal’18 and Jemuel Santos’19.

Grinnell College Dining Hall Visits — Explore the distributions of dinning hall visits of Grinnell College in different semesters and time periods. It is created by Thomas Pitcher’17, Ben Wong’18 and Dennis Chan’19.