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DASIL Sign-In Form

All students using DASIL as a work space are required to fill out this Sign-In form. This allows DASIL to keep track of what is being used, who is using it, and why they are using it. This helps us keep a healthy work environment for students, staff, and faculty.

DASIL Log Form

We require students to fill out our DASIL Log Form, each time they come into DASIL and receive help from a DASIL employee. This form helps us to keep track of what students are needing help with. When we know what students need, we can staff DASIL to better help clients.

Quantitative Lab Reservation Form

The DASIL Quantitative Lab can be reserved by students, staff, and faculty for tutorials, technology demonstrations, and mentor and class sessions. We are no longer using a form for Quant Lab reservations. Please email Yusen He and let him know when you want to reserve the lab, how long you would like to reserve it for, and the purpose of your desired reservation.