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Political Science


Congressional Voting 1968-2014— Map shows the congressional voting from 1968 to 2014.

Successful World Coups, 1946-2012— This map illustrates successful coups d’etat which occurred 1946-2012, using data from the Polity IV project, produced by the Center for Systemic Peace.

World Map— This map of the world includes many political, social, and economic indicators for the year 2010.

Boko Haram Conflicts in Nigeria—  This is a kernal density map showing armed conflicts involving Boko Haram in Nigeria from 2009 to 2014.

Grinnell College Map by Major—  This map illustrates geographic distribution of majors declared at Grinnell College.

NYC Stop and Frisk Heat Map—  This map visualizes data on both demographics and arrests directly related to the stop-and-frisk policy in New York City.


Grinnell College National Poll (currently in beta) — Create bar charts and tables with data from the Grinnell College National Poll.

Regression Model Builder— This interactive visualization allows the user to import their own data sets simulates the results of bi-variate regressions. Outputs include scatterplots, regression model (model, p-value, and adjusted R-squared)

U.S. Budget: Outlays by Agency— This graph shows spending on various agencies of the United States government from 1962 and includes estimates for 2014-2019.

Malthus-Condorcet Mathematical Model— An interactive calculator or that allows users to manipulate the components of the Malthus-Condorcet model of human population growth.

Other Resources

We the People Data Explorer  — This allows topical and keyword searches of petitions submitted the White House’s We the People site.