DASIL Open for Remote Assistance

As the college finishes the semester through distance learning, DASIL will continue to provide support for data analysis and visualization through remote assistance. Student mentors will be available through email and video call beginning Monday, April 6. See below for DASIL’s schedule and instructions on how to receive assistance.

Instructions to Contact DASIL for Assistance

  1. Email dasil@grinnell.edu stating the software you need help with and a brief overview of your question. Emails can be sent at any time, but for the most efficient service, send your email during a time at which the software is supported (see skills schedule below).
  2. Allow time for a response. An employee will reply to your email during our open hours with either a link to a video call or the email of a student mentor that can assist you.
  3. Join the video call or reach out to the student mentor. Student mentors can provide assistance over email or setup a time to meet.

Please reach out to DASIL (dasil@grinnell.edu) or any of the student mentors if you have questions about accessing services remotely. Contact information for DASIL employees can be found here.

Open Hours

DASIL’s open hours will remain the same as before moving to remote assistance. All times are in Central Standard Time (CST).

  • Morning hours: 10am-12pm, Monday through Friday
  • Afternoon hours: 1pm-5pm, Monday through Friday
  • Evening hours: 7pm-11pm, Sunday through Thursday

Skills Schedule (all times in CST)

Table showing supported software and the times tutors for each software are available.
DASIL schedule showing supported software and the times tutors for each software are available.

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